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Law Firm Seowoo and Minyul (법률사무소 서우민율)

Seowoo and Minyul is a boutique law firm based in Seoul, Korea committed to serving the needs of individuals and small businesses based in or dealing with Korea. We also offer access to a network of professionals in other nations or can help in selecting foreign attorneys when cross-border issues need to be addressed. While most firms that offer multilingual services gear their services towards high-dollar multinational corporations and are thus out of the price range of average individuals and small businesses, we strive to make the law accessible for anyone who needs our services. Whether you need assistance with immigration, criminal, family law, civil litigation, transactional, or intellectual property matters, we are happy to help.


Yuna Lee, Attorney at Law (이유나 변호사님)

Ms. Lee is fluent in English, studied abroad in the United States, authored an English-language article in the Journal of Korean Law (published by Seoul National University), and has written columns for Groove and the Korea Herald. She assists both Koreans and non-Koreans with criminal, family law (divorce, property division, and custody), general civil, business-related, and other legal issues. Lee is also a member of Minbyeon, a civil rights organization which has represented both Koreans and non-Koreans in litigation against the government and other parties and Korea Software User Protection Associates, a software and intellectual property licensing training and litigation defense group.

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