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  • Commercial transactions
    • Due diligence
    • Cross-border goods and services contracts
    • Employment or consulting contracts
    • Multiparty investments
    • Transactional litigation
  • Corporate affairs
    • Establishment of companies (AOI, registration, foreign ownership reporting)
    • Appointment and resignation of directors and management
    • Shareholder and BOD meetings and minutes
    • Shareholder agreements and subscription agreements
  • Reputation and brand protection
  • Intellectual property
    • Registration including due diligence
    • Dispute mediation
    • Litigation
  • Referrals to CPAs and other professionals

Personal Affairs

  • Family Law
    • Prenuptial counseling and agreements
    • Divorce (amicable or contested)
    • Custody and property division litigation
  • Criminal Law
    • For the accused:
      • Defense to any charge at any stage of the proceedings
      • Negotiating settlements with victims
    • For victims:
      • Victim’s advocacy
      • Negotiating settlements with offenders
  • Personal Injury
  • Immigration
    • Visa application disputes
    • Departure order or deportation contestation
  • Estate Planning

Legal Translation and Interpretation

  • Contracts
  • Corporate documents (AOI, minutes, notices)
  • Applications (VISA, IP, customs)
  • Records (marriages and divorces, criminal records, birth and death certificates)
  • Wills, trusts, and related documents
  • Certified court interpretation
  • Interpretation in meetings and negotiations